Handbook of Language and Literacy Development - a Roadmap from 0 to 60 Months

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Written by: Andrew Biemiller, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

The first five years of life are a very important time for children's language acquisition and development. By the time children are old enough to start school, they have already learned much of their language. Sometimes, however, there are differences in children's vocabulary development. Differences are expected but there are typical developmental patterns and they are presented next. Related information is also available under Developmental Milestones for Children's Literature, Reading, and Speech Language Development.

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Biemiller, A. (2009). Vocabulary Development: Developmental Milestones. In L.M. Phillips (Ed.), Handbook of language and literacy development: A Roadmap from 0 – 60 Months. [online], pp. 1-2. London, ON: Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network. Available at: Handbook of language and literacy development