Handbook of Language and Literacy Development - a Roadmap from 0 to 60 Months

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Developmental Milestones

Written by: Carole Peterson, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Anne McKeough, University of Calgary

Birth to Twelve Months

Narrative milestones during this period include several foundational abilities

Memory - Remembering simple action-based events involved in routines is a precursor to early narrative

Cognition or thinking - Several thinking skills that must be in place before early oral narrative development can occur

Language - The language and communication skills that develop during the first year of life are another of the building blocks of oral narrative development

Thirteen to Twenty-four Months

Twenty-five to Thirty-six Months

Thirty-seven to Forty-eight Months

Forty-nine to Sixty Months

Autobiographical memory develops further as children:

Theory of Mind develops further as children:

Understanding of how stories are organized develops further as children:

Sentence syntax of stories improves as children:

Focus of stories moves from exclusively action-oriented stories to goal-oriented as children:

Stories become more complex as children:

Subject matter of boys’ and girls’ stories begins to differ: