Handbook of Language and Literacy Development - a Roadmap from 0 to 60 Months

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Written by: Carole Peterson and Beulah Jesso, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Introduction to Narrative Development

Once children turn two years of age their narrative skills become significantly developed. By the beginning of this year, or within a few months of turning two, children have built the foundation of a number of skills which are important for narrative development. These include a sense of self and an ability to talk about the past. By this time, children are also developing language and memory skills to help with the process of telling narratives. As 2 year-olds, children begin to talk about their past experiences with some frequency. Cathy can now tell her mother what she had for breakfast today, or what toy she played with this morning. However, in the beginning stages of telling narratives children's stories are short, simple, and usually encouraged or supported by a parent or other adult.

In the following example Cathy, at 26 months, talks about bumping her head