Handbook of Language and Literacy Development - a Roadmap from 0 to 60 Months

Andrew Biemiller


Andrew Biemiller, PhD, taught at the Institute of Child Study, University of Toronto for 36 years, retiring June, 2004. Andy was responsible for the teacher education program at the Institute of Child Study for 15 years. His recent research has concerned what word meanings are acquired, the order of meanings acquired, and effective methods of teaching word meanings. His main current research concerns identifying word meanings that are particularly useful for instruction at the primary and upper-elementary grades. He published Words Worth Teaching (SRA/McGraw-Hill) in 2009, which summarizes this work. He has served as an associate editor of the Journal of Educational Psychology. He is active as an educational consultant to the U.S. Institute of Education Science (Dept. of Education), U.S. National Institute of Child and Human Development, publishers (especially SRA/McGraw-Hill), state departments of education, and with researchers.