Handbook of Language and Literacy Development - a Roadmap from 0 to 60 Months

Linda M. Phillips


Linda M. Phillips, PhD, is Professor and Director of the Canadian Centre for Research on Literacy at the University of Alberta. Linda is the first Beauchamp Laureate for excellence in research in education at the University of Alberta. She is the holder of several national and international research grants. Linda has published extensively in the social and medical sciences and has won many awards and honours for contributions to the field of reading/literacy. Linda serves on the editorial Board of the Reading Research Quarterly, the leading research journal of the International Reading Association. Dr. Phillips has expertise in the study of early reading acquisition and family literacy, theoretical and empirical studies of reading, and scientific literacy. Linda places significance on the implications of her work for research, policy and practice in order to improve early and sustained success in schooling. Her research is published in over 20 books, 30 chapters in books, handbooks, and encyclopedia entries, more than 60 journal articles, technical reports, as well as tests of inference ability in reading comprehension, and a test of early language and literacy for children ages 3 -8 years currently under development.