Handbook of Language and Literacy Development - a Roadmap from 0 to 60 Months

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The information contained on this website is intended to provide an introduction to children's communication development from birth to five years. If you have questions about your child's hearing development after reading this information, contact an Audiologist.

Audiologists are health care professional who are trained to evaluate hearing loss and related disorders, including balance (vestibular) disorders and tinnitus, and to rehabilitate individuals with hearing loss and related disorders. An Audiologist uses a variety of tests and procedures to assess hearing and balance function and to fit and dispense hearing aids and other assistive devices for hearing. They are employed throughout Canada in hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centres, and schools.

To find an Audiologist in your area, contact your your doctor. The doctor should refer your baby to a pediatric Audiologist for follow-up testing. You can also find an Audiologist in your area by contacting the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (www.caslpa.ca).

If your child does have a hearing loss, it is important to identify it early and complete follow-up testing. Speech and language starts to develop from birth. Once a hearing loss is diagnosed, there is much that can be done to encourage the development of communication.